Monday, February 28, 2011

March of Dimes, The Proof

In my Creative Communication class, I am working on building an ad campaign for March of Dimes. Recently, I was discussing my ideas with my professor and other classmates. One of my ideas for the campaign is "Be Prepared". As I was explaining my thoughts and ideas to my professor, another student made the statement that she had two miscarriages because her body was lacking Folic Acid. The third pregnancy was when the doctor's made sure that she was taking her daily dose of Folic Acid. She was able to carry the baby to term and she is now the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl.

I became involved with March of Dimes a little over two years ago. At first it was just an internship opportunity that I accepted to build a better resume and gain the experience. I had no idea what the organization was nor did I know its purpose. Once I became educated on the organization, I became committed to its mission. I found myself advocating for the cause every chance I got. I have hosted events on campus through my sorority. I even tried to get the organization a sponsored Basketball Game at TCU.

As an African American women, my risk for having a premature baby are extremely high. Being a woman in general, I have to always remember that I may not be trying to have a baby now, but I'm going to want my 9 months someday. Therefore, I advocate. I eat my leafy green vegetables. I take my Folic Acid. I try to prepare myself as much as I can now so that, when I am ready for pregnancy, my body is prepared.

In 2010, March of Dimes issued a nation wide report card and the USA scored a "D". More specifically, Texas was one of 14 states to receive an "F" with a preterm rate of 13.3%. This is compared to each state’s rate of premature birth to the nation’s 2010 objective of 7.6 percent.

I urge every woman and every man in this class to know the facts. One pill a day can help prevent neural tube defects in babies. One pill a day and you can carry your baby to term. It's so simple. Start early. Be prepared.

-Domonique Mack

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