Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cause: Cut Medicaid, Effect: Chaos

I have been following this Medicaid situation in the state of Texas. I recently took a visit to the Capitol building and heard many state politicians talk about their stand in this delicate situation. The problem that was most evident is that the state is so concerned with saving money, but they are not concerned about their inhabitants in the state. Furthermore, the health and likelihood of the state’s children and elders are at risk. I do not understand politics to a certain extent, but I do know about common sense and when a chaotic situation presents itself.

Medicaid account for half of doctor visits for babies and it also pays for 75 of people in elderly homes. With this significant number of people so dependent on Medicaid, the government is looking to cut an important factor to most of the state’s beneficial healthcare. If Medicaid were cut, more and more people would have to visit county hospitals. Also, that means hospital will become overcrowded and everyone will not receive the proper attention that they might need.

Personally, as an African-American raised in Forth Worth, I have seen the works of Medicaid and how babies and toddlers receive the right attention form doctors, without worrying about the doctor bill. If this is cut, this will be a tragedy and it will cause uproar of chaos. The government is risking the potential health of the state’s future children to save money. That is not right, it is unethical and not intelligent.

Johnny Fobbs

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