Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Robinson Family and the CHIPs Program

When the CHIPs program is presented to states is often difficult for people to view it as anything but an additional cost. While many families might view CHIPs as superfluous spending, some families view it as their only means to attain regular health care. This is the case for the Robinson family in Georgia. Their family is only able to attain any type of health care provisions through the CHIPs program. Without it, health care will be viewed at as luxurious spending. This video courtesy of CBS News gives more information on the Robinson family and the Georgia CHIPs program.

Georgia, like many states is cutting back immensely on CHIPs because it is eating into the states budget. Families who do not pay their premium are automatically being kicked out of the program. This is to help prevent people from using the program as a crutch instead of a necessity. Unfortunately, there are still many families and children in need of CHIPs.

An article from Medical News Today online states, “there are still about 4.7 million uninsured American children who are eligible for CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program) or Medicaid and are not enrolled, says a new report published in the journal Health Affairs.”

Despite these numbers, budgets continue to be cut back in many states due to excess spending.
-Liane Michnoff

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