Thursday, January 31, 2013

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas - "Care. No Matter What."

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas "Care. No Matter What." 

Planned Parenthood Lobby Day 
I had a hard time deciding what issue I wanted to track during the 2013 legislative session.  I wanted to follow an issue that might have a hard time garnering support with our legislature because I wanted to see how that organization would advocate when the odds were against them. I also had to find an organization that had updated information on their website so I could follow their progress through the semester.

I chose Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas. Considering the conservative culture of the Texas State Legislature I wanted to see how Planned Parenthood lobbied differently from other issues that my classmates are following. Considering everything that has happened since the Texas State Legislature has last been in session, the Sandra Fluke testimony about women’s health or when Susan G. Komen ended funding to Planned Parenthood, I know that is will be an interesting and important discussion regarding women’s health in Texas.

An obstacle that I see them encountering is relevance. With so much going on nationally with gun control and immigration, two subjects that are already very popular debates in Texas, Planned Parenthood might have a problem breaking through the clutter since the legislature will be concentrated on these other issues. I have posted a picture of their lobbing day in Austin, where they will be meeting with legislators with the ultimate goal of providing the best health care for women in Texas. I have also included a video from the Texas Tribune that highlights Planned Parenthood and marks the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade. 

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