Thursday, January 31, 2013

Senator Wendy Davis calls for CPRIT reform

Texas Senator Wendy Davis (D - Fort Worth) announced she will be filing a bill to reform CPRIT, the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. A 99 page audit report found "flaws and ethical questions" with CPRIT and how it allocates its funding (Source). Sen. Davis asked Governor Rick Perry in an open letter to include her bill as an emergency item and only hours later CPRIT was instructed not commit funds anywhere there is until an evaluation of the agency. In her open letter, found here, Sen. Davis explains her concerns and the reforms necessary to "move forward in repairing the now-tarnished reputation of this state agency." She hopes new legislation and reform will make the agency more transparent, which will not allow for favoritism among the agency and how it allocates its funds.

Avery Ruxer
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