Thursday, February 28, 2013

Four Year Tuition Freeze

Many parents and students are unsure how much money they are actually going to spend on tuition each year. Andrew Roush with the Alcalde stated “Tuition was deregulated by the Legislature in 2003, and has increased by 55 percent in the past decade, while state general revenue funding has decreased.” D-Republican and house higher education committee chair Dan Branch has filed house bill 29 that would make it so state schools have a “tuition freeze” that gives each incoming class the same tuition for each year, presuming an on time graduation.  

Gov. Jerry Brown of California proposed the same freeze in tuition apparently the state's legislative analyst is saying it is a bad idea and is moving to reject the idea.  "While this would help current students, it likely would increase volatility for future students," said Mac Taylor in the SFGate.

Less than 30 percent of students have been graduating within a four year period.  The thought behind the freeze is not only to help families save money but to help students focus more on getting through college in the standard four year time period.
This is Gov. Perry also proposing a four year tuition freeze for state schools.


-Shelby Campbell

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