Thursday, February 21, 2013

Guns present on campus in Five other states across Nation

SB 182, the bill that will make it legal to carry firearms on campuses of higher education, is still currently in the Criminal Justice committee. According to the process of bills, this means that the bill is currently in Stage One. Once it has left the Criminal Justice committee, it will move to be voted on by the Senate. Further updates are to come as the bill continues in the Texas Legislature.
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According to a Forbes online article, the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007 cause the debate for gun on college campuses increased dramatically. In 2008, only one state allowed guns on public institutions. Now there are five states (Colorado, Mississippi, Oregon, Utah, and Wisconsin) that allowed concealed guns on campuses of public institutions. David Burnett of Students for Concealed Carry said that allowing licensed concealed carry would give potential pause and ultimately give innocent victims a fighting chance.

However, Gary Olson, the former Provost of Idaho State University said that there is no recorded incident in which a victim–or spectator–of a violent crime on a campus has prevented that crime by brandishing a weapon. Olson went onto say that school officers are normally the ones firing the guns and so, it would be difficult for the officers to their job when 10,000 other students could have weapons as well.

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