Wednesday, February 27, 2013

MPP's M.O.

Marijuana Policy Project's Rob Kampia Speaks on this Present Issue of Legalizing Marijuana in Austin, TX.

(Video Credit: MPP Staff's YouTube channel)

Several organizations have gained notoriety within the news media as of late. One that stands out amongst others involved in the legalizing of the medical marijuana issue is the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP).

MPP was founded in 1995 as a nonprofit organization that--according to their mission statement on their website--seeks to:

  • Increase public support for non-punitive, non-coercive marijuana policies.
  • Identify and activate supporters of non-punitive, non-coercive marijuana policies.
  • Change state laws to reduce or eliminate penalties for the medical and non-medical use of marijuana.
  • Gain influence in Congress
  • They also go on to say in their vision statement, "MPP and MPP Foundation envision a nation where marijuana is legally regulated similarly to alcohol, marijuana education is honest and realistic, and treatment for problem marijuana users is non-coercive and geared toward reducing harm."

    On MPP's website, they describe a part of their purpose as being "Because MPP believes that the greatest harm associated with marijuana is prison, we focus on removing criminal penalties for marijuana use, with a particular emphasis on making marijuana medically available to seriously ill people who have the approval of their doctors."

    With over 32 thousand followers on Twitter, MPP remains active within the social media realm. However, at first glance, it does seem a little one-sided; each tweet contains only basic facts of what is going on with the legalizing of the marijuana issue. MPP is even more active on Facebook, on the other hand, with more than 67,800 "likes." The conversations carried between MPP and its followers on Facebook seem to be more in depth and extensive. Even though it's a "DUH" statement, MPP's posts have a more "conversational" tone.

    Here is a link to all of the legislation in Texas currently happening in regards to this issue.

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