Thursday, February 28, 2013

Over Before it Started

Over Before it Started

For many No Kill Texas Advocates, the white flag of defeat was raised before the war even began. I had contacted the President/Executive Director of No Kill Texas Advocates, Bett Sundermeyer, and she had told me that the Companion Animal Protection Act (CAPA) had not been filed in the Texas Legislature this year and is extremely unlikely that it will. She did mention to me, however, that several attempts for similar bills have been created and attempted to be filed. Unfortunately, she, too, mentioned that the similar bills received plenty of opposition and would be unlikely to even become filed.

It saddens me to see that the Texas Legislature refuses to see an apparent problem that can be easily fixed. Because of Legislature's lack of interest, I'm going to have to keep reading and hearing stories such as this. Several states have already passed CAPA and many more are filing it in their state legislatures, why can't the great state of Texas do the same?

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