Sunday, March 31, 2013

Former Miss Houston empowers women through gun self-defense courses

Former Miss Houston, Nikki Turpeaux, is empowering women today, not through self-image help or tips for success, but by preparing them to be ready to defend themselves with a firearm if they are put in a dangerous or life-threatening situation. Turpeaux is the lead instructor for the Get A GRIP Ladies Program that is a firearms instructional course specifically designed to teach women how basic knowledge about firearms and how to effectively and confidently use them if necessary.

"I take women that have never dealt with the aspect or dealt with firearms before through a step-by-step process, in an environment that is comfortable and safe to ask questions," Turpeaux said.

Turpeaux presents a unique experience to women since most self-defense, firearms courses are taught by men. The Get A Grip Ladies Program offers five levels of instruction ranging from the fundamentals of marksmanship to shotgun proficiency. Turpeaux calls these skills “life-saving life-defending”.

Turpeaux teaches women about gun specifics, how to use a range of gun types, and, most importantly, how to keep themselves safe and remove themselves from harms way.  The Get A Grip Ladies Program is mobile and instruction is available in any location where needed.

Women should not feel helpless without a man if they were to experience a home intruder or any other kind of dangerous situation. Turpeaux’s specially designed program is a way for women to gain this security and confidence when it comes to their personal safety, as well as their family’s safety.

Ashton Theiss
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