Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tuition Freeze Status


With tuition rising about eight percent for universities all across the country, many of these universities are looking to enforce the tuition freeze. The thought behind this is that your tuition fees will remain the same from the first year of attending a University until you graduate, that is as long as it's within the standard graduation period for the specific degree. Because of the rising tuition with these Universities, many students are having to find alternatives to getting college educations.

Public and private schools both, such as University of Phoenix, The University of Rhode Island, The University of Nebraska, and The University of Minnesota, are moving towards implementing these tuition freezes.  Along with these tuition freezes, some schools are looking to increase the financial aid available to students, current and future. Many of these schools are looking to adopt these new ways due to student outcry and economic changes. There might be certain requirements that the students have to make, but at least the Universities are trying to make changes.

In Texas, House Bill 1834 is still trying to be passed through legislature to help Texas public universities implement tuition freezes.  On the Texas Insider Report, State Representative Abel Herrero said, "A tuition freeze will allow Texas to reinvest in its commitment to provide a high quality, affordable education for all students. If passed, this law will make attaining a higher education degree more affordable and accessible, as well as encourage students to complete their degree plans timely.”

-Shelby Campbell

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