Sunday, March 31, 2013

Update on School Nutrition

There has been no action taken on this bill since January 22, 2013.

Although many changes have been made in the past decade, there needs to be more to come. They have implemented breakfast programs, altered the beverages to be provided to the children, and a few more minor things. Our youth today aren't being taught proper education, so many people argue that educating the children would help them to make better food choices. I agree with this point of view. Many young children do not understand the huge effect the food they are eating has on their health.

There are many problems that come from poor nutrition, diabetes being one of the major ones. According to Diabetic Care Services, the international Diabetes Foundation says that "Diabetes and obesity are the biggest public health challenge of the 21st century." They also stated that as of 1999, diabetes affected 16 million (six percent) of Americans. That is an increase of 40 percent in ten years. They also claimed that every three seconds, someone is diagnosed with diabetes. This is an epidemic that can be cured and prevented at an early stage (childhood).

Diabetic Care Services also claims that "of the people diagnosed with type II diabetes, about 80 to 90 percent are also diagnosed as obese." This just shows the direct link between obesity and diabetes.

For more information about the link between diabetes and obesity, see this link:

The chart below shows the increase of obesity over a period of ten years, and it has gotten even worse since.

Shelby Knight

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