Saturday, March 30, 2013

SB 245 Takes Steps Forward

Since February, SB 245 has undergone a series of steps within the Senate. On March 13, 2013 SB 245 was read twice and passed engrossment both times. The vote was recorded as passed by the Senate and delivered to the House on March 14, 2013.

This past month has recorded progress for this bill concerning advocacy centers eligibility to provide services for children of child abuse or from neglected families. Without any revisions to this bill, sponsors Royce West, Jane Nelson and Carlos Uresti are hopeful it will pass through the House with flying colors similarly to the Senate.

Along with SB 245, HB 915 relates to the administration and monitoring of certain medications provided to foster children. This bill is sponsored by six representatives: Lois Kolkhurst R-D13, Naomi Gonzalez D-D76, Elliot Naishtat D-D49, Cindy Burkett R-D113, Dawnna Dukes D-D46 and Bill Zedler R-D96. Tarrant County volunteers from CASA have been advocating for HB 915 in Austin alongside State Senator Wendy Davis and Matt Krause

House Bill 915 has been introduced to the House, but has yet to be voted on. Fortunately, it has been reported on favorably by House committees throughout March.

The testimony in support of House Bill 915 to the committee of Public Health can be seen via video

-Brelle de Groot

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