Tuesday, May 7, 2013

If a rainy fund spills open, will a body of water be replenished?

The 2013 legislation has less than 30 days left, and while some are claiming HB 11 is out of the running, Gov. Rick Perry thinks differently. “We have plenty of time to get the work done in the session,” said Perry, continuing his optimistic outlook with “there is nothing more important [than the water legislation] to this state” (Texas Tribune).

Gov. Rick Perry discusses the remaining legislation
Source: Texas Tribune

While HB 11 allocates for $2 million to be taken from the Rainy Day Fund and used for the implemented state water plan, many soundly disagree. Democrats and Republicans alike are fighting for valid, and crucial, allocation of the state’s Rainy Day Fund. Due to the $5.4 billion in education cuts last legislation, many democrats feel that that money should be replaced by tapping into the Rainy Day Fund.

They have a valid point. State educators provide the foundation of a student’s educational career, and budget cuts in education impact the lives of both these students and educators alike. In addition, further debate stems from many far-right conservatives who fear tapping the Rainy Day Fund for anything, claiming it “should be reserved for emergencies,” according to the Texas Tribune.

Tapping into the Rainy Day Fund is a shaky move from any stance. There is no telling exactly how bad the drought will be this year, what will happen to our economy the next few years, and what kind of emergency or natural disaster could occur at any moment in time. We may each have opinions on where to designate money from the Rainy Day Fund (if at all), but this opinions have the ability to change given the circumstances that come our way and the cards we are dealt. Democrats, republicans, and far-leaning republicans may differ on allocation of Rainy Day Funds, but we all share the common fear of where the money will end up now and how this will affect us in the long run.

-Becca Adkins
Post 5:  If a rainy fund spills open, will a body of water be replenished?

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