Friday, May 3, 2013

What...So What?

Let’s be real. SB 182, the bill that would make it legal to carry firearms on campuses of higher education, is not going to advance in this legislative session, nor will it in the future. Based on what I have learned about advocacy and seen first-hand in Austin, here’s why:
1)      There is not a large push for this issue by the house or the senate.

2)      There does not seem to be a lot of people talking about it

3)      The time has passed in which this issue had more momentum
Momentum is crucial for a bill to move through the process of becoming a law. Without this, it might as well disappear into the black hole that is dead bills. Not to mention, there hasn’t been a lot of media attention about this issue except at the federal level in terms of all Americans.
My freshmen year, the common reading was a pamphlet containing the Second Amendment and other articles that portrayed the same thing. The discussion revolved around would we as students, want the right to have guns on our campus. TCU allows students to have their firearms, but it must be registered and kept at the TCU Police station.
My personal opinion is that I would not want this because I wouldn’t want to increase the chances of something happening. I’d be afraid to go to class knowing that someone in there could be packing. There is that saying that those who carry guns are twice as likely to get shot. TCU is great the way it is and so, I am glad that as a private institution it can choose to not allow SB 182 if it ever does pass in the Texas Legislation.

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