Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Need for Stability

For the last three years, I’ve had to privilege to work with CASA- Court Appointed Special Advocates in Fort Worth as well as in my hometown. Trained CASA volunteers serve as advocates for children from abused or broken homes in court. Whether you are a trained advocate or volunteer within the organization to raise funds and support, spending time with this organization has taught me one very important thing. Children from foster homes or abused homes have a need for stability.

Senate Bill 245 concerns the contracts and eligibility for advocacy centers to be allowed to provide services for children from abused or neglected cases. While House Bill 915 relates to the care and monitoring of health care services for foster children. These two bills are making progress and the bill sponsors are optimistic.

It is necessary for these bills to be passed because it will require the consistency and stability these children need. These are services most parents regulate for their own children, and foster homes and advocacy centers must be required and legally allowed to provide those same care measures. Children from neglected homes or foster care deserve the same quality of treatment as any other child, and someone has to look out for their well-being. If that means legislation, then it is essential for SB 245 and HB 915 to be passed.

Brelle de Groot

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