Monday, January 31, 2011

Adult Probation

After learning of the large budget deficit in Texas, legislators have to reevaluate their spending and cut back in certain areas. One area that will be severely affected is the Texas probation system. Does this mean criminals will get the easy way out after being incarcerated? Not necessary, the criminals will not have the proper resources to ease them back into society. Funds will be slashed for probation supervisors as well as probation treatments.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice, TDCJ, and the Texas Probation Association, TPA, are organizations that will suffer immensely from the proposed bill. The bill, as filed, could potentially eliminate 2,000 jobs within the TDCJ. According to the Grits for Breakfast blog, a local probation officer provided information that the House bill cuts funding by 21.7% and the Senate version cuts funding by 12.8%. Some general setbacks in the system would be:
  • Basic supervision
  • Diversion programs
  • Community corrections
  • Misdemeanor probation supervision
  • Mental health services
(For more details click on the links below)
Click here for Summary of the FY 2012-13 General Appropriations Bill (Senate version)
Click here for Summary of the FY 2012-13 General Appropriations Bill (House version)

The Texas Probation Associations states, “TPA community supervision remains committed to legislation that promotes evidence-based practices throughout the state, and continues to oppose proposals which result in unfunded mandates arising from legislation addressing policy issues.”

-Caroline Cardenas

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