Sunday, January 30, 2011

Voter ID Bill

It is common knowledge that around the United States getting Americans to the polls is not always the easiest quest. In the last presidential election, television station MTV even launched a campaign called Rock the Vote to encourage young adults to speak out. A bill that is in process in the 2011 Texas Legislature is one that would require a photo ID in order to vote. If this bill passes, a driver’s license, a state ID card, a military ID, a passport or citizenship ID must be shown when casting a vote. Texans over 70 years old will be exempted. Rep. Ric Killian said, “They’re looking to ensure the validity of their own vote.” This bill would allow for better regulation to ensure that the person voting is qualified to vote and only votes once.

Even though voting fraud is an issue and needs to be addressed, Senate Democrats believe that the voter ID bill is “too harsh and one that will make it more difficult for many Texans to vote.” Those without a photo ID could be discouraged from voting, which will hurt the already low voter- turnout numbers. Bob Hall, executive director of Democracy North Carolina believes the Republicans have other motives than just regulating vote counts. He believes this bill would affect specifically the voters who do not have a current ID including minorities, students, people with disabilities, and poor voters. Nine states now demand a photo ID, and 18 others require some form of identification to vote.

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