Monday, January 24, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry designates eminent domain as an emergency item

In separate addresses to the Senate and House of Representatives on Jan. 11,  Gov. Rick Perry declared eminent domain an emergency for the 82nd Legislative Session.  Gov. Perry called for tougher laws in order to properly protect property ownership of Texans.  As Gov. Perry put it, property ownership remains an "essential freedom" of Texas citizens.

Gov. Perry seemed confident that the bill filled by Senator Craig Estes (R- Wichita Falls) will not only be passed, but will restore safety and security of the citizens.

From 5:25 - 6:00 of the below video, Gov. Perry discusses the emergency of eminent domain:

Rep. Charles Schwertner (Georgetown), Rep. Charlie Geren (Fort Worth) and Sen. Estes are teaming up to combat this emergency.

Authored by Rep. Geren, House Bill 279 makes critical changes to Texas' eminent domain law.  Under this bill:

  • Government entities is prohibited from taking land for non-public use 
  • Entities are required to authorize the initiation of condemnation by a record vote 
  • Entities must make a "bona fide" offer to purchase property from the owner voluntarily
  • Property owners are given an opportunity to repurchase their taken property if the land isn't being used for the stated reason or no progress has been made after 10 years.


- Michael Levy

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