Saturday, January 29, 2011

Senate Bill 355 Proposes Smoke Free Texas

Smoke Free Texas wants to rid workplaces and public places of smoking. This not only protects the customers from second-hand smoke but also the employees who are working amongst it day to day. Smoking is proven to be harmful, so when a person chooses to smoke in a public setting they are not only harming themselves, but actually the people around them as well. However, this is a free country so if someone wants to smoke they can smoke, but they should respect the rights of others who choose not to smoke by not smoking in their presence.

Second-hand smoke can cause heart disease, lung cancer, and other life-threatening health problems. Currently in Fort Worth smoking is permitted in bars and some restaurants. You cannot go to a bar and leave without smelling like an ash tray. Other cities in Texas like Austin and San Antonio have passed smoke-free laws and seen positive results. Below is a YouTube video of a smoke free supporter.

More information on the Smoke Free Texas bill can be found at
To view the Smoke Free Texas Bill click here

-Jennifer Neel

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