Monday, January 31, 2011

Medicaid: Is it really worth cutting?

The discussion of Medicaid in Texas has been a tough struggle since first conversations of budget cuts. As we know, Texas in debt, and as a result the state’s legislature is contemplating statewide cuts to certain departments. Health-care heads the list as the department that is receiving a good amount of attention. According to, Texas Medicaid covers more than 3 million Texans. Medicaid pays for two-thirds of Texans in a nursery home and half of baby deliveries in the state each year.

Some legislators are indifferent about the effects of the withdrawal of the Medicaid program, which funds about $15 billion for healthcare in the state of Texas. In general, Republicans believe cutting Medicaid from Texas budget will allow the state to have some leeway as far as spending. They also believe that eliminating Medicaid will save money in the budget because the state will not use the federal funding that is given. Democrats believe that cutting Medicaid will be tragic in Texas because there would be more Texans not receiving the proper medical attention that is needed and can be provided. Yes, it would help the state tremendously, but at what cost. Many low-income families would have to go without.

State Rep. Sylvester Turner, D-Houston, discusses health-care and what changes need to be made instead of elimination.

-Johnny Fobbs

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