Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The future of higher education

There are two types of higher education institutions in the state of Texas: private and public universities. Private universities are funded by private donations, while public universities are funded by the state.

One of the current issues facing Texas legislation this term is the $38 million budget cut for higher education. According to an article on statesman.com, Texas’ financial aide would be cut by 41 percent, which means the number of students receiving grants would be cut in half in 2012-2013.

Not only will these budget cuts affect the amount of financial aide offered to students, but it will affect the amount of jobs available at the universities as well. An article in the Houston Chronicle revealed that Texas A&M will be releasing 100 tenured faculty members in order to save $15 million a year.

Melissa Ludwig wrote an article about a Texas advisory committee’s suggestions for dealing with the budget cuts. They recommend that students take more online courses, decreasing the demand for professors and classrooms. In addition, they stress that students complete their degree in four years or less, and lastly, take into consideration the availability of AP tests and dual-credit opportunities in order to place out of more college courses.

-Carissa Cotner 

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