Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dramatic changes to the CHIPs program

The CHIP program was renewed and expanded by President Obama in 2009. It expanded from assisting 7 million families to 11 million in the United States. Every state does have a CHIP program but sometimes it is operated under a different name.

Two years later and the CHIP program, as well as many other government-funded programs, are in trouble. On April 14, 2011 President Obama signed the budget for the fiscal year. The legislation made $38.5 billion in cuts from domestic programs. Health care is one the many programs that is looking to have major economic setbacks.

“Along with trying to finalize the budget for the rest of 2011, the House is tackling several other key items Thursday.” An April 14, 2011 article from Fox News  said.
“As part of the budget compromise, the House passed separate bills to defund the federal health care law (240-185) and cut money for Planned Parenthood (241-185).”

These types of decisions will also lead to taking away funding for CHIPs. This will result in many families not being able to provide adequate health care for their children. CHIPs assists millions of children yearly and cutting back from this program are going to deeply affect these families.

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