Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Medicaid Cuts Will Effect More Than the Children and Elderly

Just the thought of a significant cut to the Medicaid budget has people all over Texas in fear that they will not receive the proper care and attention they need from doctors. Reporternews.com reports that if the cuts are to be finalized then it is estimated that $7.6 billion will be cut from the total spending a year, which is about a third of Medicaid spending in Texas. Medicaid is provided to 3.1 million people in Texas. It is a state-funded program that is given to children, pregnant women and adults with disabilities.

Another problem that will arise is that the Texas Legislature believes that it will save the state money but at the same time, it will produce layoffs and put so many people live in danger because of lack of attention.

State Representative Susan King(R), said, “Budgets cuts will affect many of the services provided through the state. Budget cuts aren’t aimed at the people who received the benefits but rather at medical providers”. (Reported by reporternews.com)

Rep. King might be right about the cuts being aimed at the medical providers, but in reality the people will still be effecting in some kind of way. Medicaid has increased rapidly in the last 10 years, but the funding for other priorities like public education, public safety and transportation has taken a hit in the last decade also.

The government of Texas will have to put their minds together, republicans and democrats, will have to work together so that people lives and jobs will not be in any type of risk

Johnny Fobbs

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