Sunday, April 24, 2011

Texas Cities are taking a stand on Smoke-Free Texas

Wednesday, April 13, Highland Villiage passed a Smoke-Free ordinance by a vote of 5-2. This is the second and final time for the council to vote on the ordinance. It will go into effect June 1, 2011. Smoking is now prohibited in any enclosed facilities or any facilities that are open to the general public. However, outdoor patios will still allow smoking.

The bills in the House and Senate are still pending in the legislature, that if passed will make Texas the 29th state to become smoke-free. Many national and state wide organizations are supporting the smoke-free Texas campaign. Those organizations include Livestrong, Cancer Support Community, Cheatham Street Music Foundation, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, Children’s Hospital Association of Texas and many more associations and organizations. They have shown their support and put pressure on the legislature to pass Senate Bill 355 and House Bill 670. 

To find out more information visit Smoke Free Texas Coalition
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-Jennifer Neel

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