Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Governor’s perspective on higher education cuts

Last week the Texas House proposed a $1 billion budget cut to higher education and Governor Rick Perry stands by this proposal. Perry argues that our budget will be balanced by not raising taxes. The governor is more focused on putting a cap on spending until we fix the financial situation even if this decision hinders higher education goals.

Although the budget cuts seem staggering, this will potentially be a problem only for the next two years. Texas has spent numerous amounts of money over the last ten years to improve higher education, so Perry wants to make sure these efforts are not forgotten even in the face of obstacles.

These budget cuts may offer corrections to the financial crisis and improve the situation for higher education after two years. However, any lapse in higher education efforts, no matter how small, may set us back in the field of education.

Texas and the United States are not the only regions suffering from education cuts. Students in London protested against an increase in education fees and university cuts. These protests occurred throughout the United Kingdom.
The topic of higher education is a major issue for any country. Every nation wants to see its country progress and provide exemplary education for its citizens. However, the government bodies and citizens should acknowledge the needs and demands of one another and draft a solution that serves the needs of both sides. 

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