Sunday, April 17, 2011

March of Dimes: March for Babies

This past Saturday, the Ft. Worth chapter of the March of Dimes hosted their annual fundraiser "March for Babies" event. The is the organizations largest fundraising event. The two little girls in the front were born 14 wks premature. My family and I started the team "Sally's Angels", dedicated to their strength and their fight.

The March of Dimes finished strong in this years legislation. Although they did not have any bills directly targeted to the organization's funding, there were bills that would have strongly affected its mission. One of the bills were to cut funding for new baby screenings. If you remember my first post, the organization compiled a fact sheet proving that cutting funding for these screenings would actually cost the state of Texas more money in the long run.

Helping women have healthy babies is the main goal of the organization, and early detection through the use of these newborn screenings is the main way to reach this goal. This is why the March of Dimes worked towards preventing the bill from passing. The bill DID NOT pass! All babies, in Texas, will continue to receive these screenings. =)

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