Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pros and Cons of CHIPs Program

The health care debate is a hot button topic in the government. It is especially relevant now with all of the hospital budget cuts looming in the future. After researching the different sides opinions on the issue, it appears that the media is making it bi-partisan issue. In reality, this issue should not be decided through political party preference. Both sides obviously agree on the same issue. Children should be able to receive proper medical treatment. The only issue is how they should go about supplying these children with the finances to achieve this goal.

Although the idea of CHIPs and Medicaid in general is derived as negative, a 2011 study from The Kaiser Family Foundation shows that these types of programs are “surprisingly popular.” 39% of the people polled said that Medicaid is very important for their family. I can see both sides of each argument. Middle to lower income children are in need of medical assistance, but many are not willing to give out more dollars to the government.

Since the United States and Texas are in such a deep budget crisis I feel that this is the time when it is important to make sure that these programs which are doing good for our society are sustained. The current financial situation does call for "cutting- back" but it shouldn't be at the expense of meaningful programs that are assisting children.

To ease the mind of those against CHIPs, they could instill stronger background reports of the families and children involved in the program. They are also talking about making families re-apply every six months instead of yearly which could also monitor the families that are involved.

-Liane Michnoff

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