Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Child Obesity

A lot has happened this month with this bill, but it is still standing to this date.

It wasn’t read until March 5, 2013, where it was immediately referred to Arriculture and Livestock. A month later, on April 10, it was considered in public hearing, and left pending until the 15th. On the 15th, it was considered in a formal meeting, recommended to be sent to Local and Consent, and reported favorably without amendment(s). The next day the Comte report was filed with the Committee coordinator, distributed that same day, and sent to the local and consent calendar the next day. A few days later, it was placed on local and consent calendars.

I found an interesting article on ABC news that argued whether child obesity was a sign of parental abuse or not. I thought that this was a very interesting point, and the other side of the argument is that the child’s health is not in the school’s hands, but in the parents. The article said that the problem starts when the child is an infant. When the infant cries, the mother automatically thinks the infant is hungry and feeds it. According to the article, Linda Spears, vice president of policy and public affairs at the Child Welfare League of America said “There are often a lot of things going on," she added. "The question is what's going on with the family that's causing the situation in which you have an obese child with health consequences that are not being addressed." 

Instead of the school making changes to the food they serve, this side of the argument says that the parents should make the change. The parents could only allow their kid to bring their lunch to school, and not give them any lunch money, so the child has no choice but to eat the lunch they packed. This way, the parent can totally in control of what their child is eating for lunch. 

The parents also need to be good examples to their kids in order for this change to happen. Below is a video of COAK, the Coalition of Angry Kids, who completely blame their obesity on the example set by their parents. 

The next video is of Michelle Obama talking also about how the parents influence how their kids eat. 


Child obesity
Shelby Knight

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