Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Freeze in Tuition Freezes

Not much has changed with universities, trustees, and legislators on where they stand with tuition freezes. Although many have decided not to partake in the tuition freeze group,  there are still many universities across the county that have decided to take the step towards it and it is really starting to say something about those who aren't.

Earlier this April in Minnesota, a state senate member on the higher education committee voted to fund $80 million to the University of Minnesota's tuition freeze. The more schools that move towards these tuition freezes, the more pressure other schools will be under to do the same.

In Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker also called for a tuition freeze, two year, at the University of Wisconsin after realizing how much money they had for back up in their reserved school funds, approximately $648 million.  It is ridiculous to think that a school would have that kind of money but still increase tuition.  If I found out I was out a school that did something of that sort, I would definitely make a stand.

On a lighter note, schools such as Peace University, that only has around 800 students, is even looking to not only freeze their tuition but their room and board as well.  If a school like Peace University has the ability to make tuition freezes, I think there are many more universities that are capable to do the same. 

-Shelby Campbell

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