Monday, April 29, 2013

Half Way There

The Texas 83rd Legislature has been in session for some time now and has continued to make progress with Senate Bill 245 and House Bill 915. Both bills relate to childcare and eligibility. Senate Bill 245 concerns the contracts and eligibility for advocacy centers to be allowed to provide services for children in abuse or neglected cases. House Bill 915 relates to the administration and monitoring of health care that is or should be provided to foster children.

Senate Bill 245 was passed by the Senate on March 13th and was received in the House on March 14th. Since then, it has been read for the first time in the House on April 4th and was referred to Human Services. Recently, it was considered in a formal meeting, underwent committee substitutions and recommended to be sent to Local and Consent. As of April 25th, SB 245 had been reported favorably from the House.

Senator Royce West, one of the three sponsors of this bill, provides a published analysis of the amendments and provisions he would like to see made through SB 245.

House Bill 915 has undergone numerous committee reports and has been read three times in the House throughout the month of April. The bill was passed by the House on April 19th and received by the Senate on April 22nd. Two days later, the Senate read HB 915 for the first time on April 24th.  That same day the bill was referred to Health and Human Services, and is now scheduled for a public hearing on May 2nd

Both of these bills have been passed by half of the Texas legislature and the sponsors hope to continue making steps forward throughout the next month.

-Brelle de Groot

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