Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Final Verdict

Elliot Trejo

SB 1292 is making significant progress in the Senate and is now laying its fate in the hands of the House.

On April 14, 2013, SB 1292, the same bill that proposes DNA testing of all evidence in a death penalty case, was passed by 31 "Yeas" and 0 "Nays" on its third reading. Later that day, the bill was engrossed by the Senate and sent to the House. This is great news for the justice system in Texas because the bill is getting one more step closer to being signed.

Still, many challenges remain for SB 1292. Even though it passed with flying colors in the Senate, it still has to be deliberated and passed by the House. This process could take a while, especially with so many other bills coming into the House. I don't suspect that SB 1292 will be passed by the time the semester ends, but it will definitely be brought to the spotlight to be debated and hopefully passed.

In the meantime, I'm going to have my fingers crossed and hope that the House Majority will consider passing this bill and make sure that only the true murderers belong in death penalty cases.

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