Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Medical Marijuana: Rogerian Argument

It's hard to say where I stand on HB 164 because I'm very much understanding of both sides. I understand why legislators and business people might be opposed to passing this bill. They see it more as a danger and a threat than anything else. Others see it as nothing more than any other substance that's used and abused nowadays; they say marijuana isn't any more dangerous than alcohol. In face, they argue that it's much less dangerous.

I will say that because of the background I grew up in, generally middle class with each of my family members and friends working in the service industry, I've been exposed to this issue for a while now.

I neither partake or encourage excessive use of any drug; however, I am understanding when it comes to its need for medical usage. I'm also an advocate of privacy--what you do with your money and personal time for recreation is your business.

Because research has proven that marijuana can, in fact, help anxiety, depression and physical pain I would like to see a law passed that enables those who truly need it to be able to access it in a timely and financially-efficient manner. Honestly, I don't believe that it would cause more harm than good. I don't think enough people are getting the proper medical care that they need in the first place, so if this is something that is proven to help, something should be done about it.

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