Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Where Medical Marijuana Is Headed

According to The Journal of Global Drug Policy and Practice's article, The Use of Cannabis for Medical Purposes, "A similar study of people age 18 and older, published in the journal ‘Drug and Alcohol Dependence’, found the odds of marijuana abuse or dependence were almost twice as high in states with medical marijuana laws compared with those without such laws. However, most would argue that, in fact, such laws may create the perception that medical marijuana is safe, because of its legal status, as has been demonstrated historically, with tobacco." The authors of the journal also go on to list the negative physical symptoms resulting from using marijuana, along with statistics on the use of driving under the influence of cannabis (DUIC).

On April 30, the San Francisco Chronicle republished an article written by the Associated Press (here) stating that the New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan has asked to strike down the fourth medical marijuana proposal in six years which allows people to grow in their own yards at home. Author Morgan True of the Associated Press also writes, "Home cultivation is crucial to ensuring access for patients in rural areas and for those who can't afford to buy the drug from dispensaries, said the bill's House sponsor, Rep. Donna Schlachman, an Exeter Democrat. Plus, many patients with terminal conditions who have waited years for medical marijuana don't have the 18 months to two years it will take for dispensaries to open." The proposal, True writes, is being rewritten in a Senate committee.

Where does this leave Texans?
No one really knows. It seems as if Texas is still very much in the planning phases of accepting marijuana for something other than harmful recreational use and something that can be used in the medical field as a healing agent. Actually, not many know if Texas will even get there anytime soon.

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